Multiple color pulsed laser

Multiple color pulsed laser

Prima (PicoQuant) is a compact, stand-alone, and affordable laser module offering 3 individual emission wavelengths that can be operated in picosecond pulsed and continuous wave (CW) mode. The picosecond pulses can be triggered either by the module’s internal clock or by an external oscillator at up to 200 MHz.

Red, green, and blue: the three 3 most useful wavelengths
Prima provides laser light at three wavelengths: 635, 510, and 450 nm. Each color can be generated individually, one at a time. These wavelengths are the 3 most commonly used in material science, chemistry and life science for routine excitation in spectroscopy or microscopy applications to study a wide range of samples, including novel nanomaterials, quantum dots, molecules, and fluorophores.

Pulsed, CW, and fast switched emission modes
Prima offers full flexibility, enabling time-resolved or steady-state measurements as well as use of fast CW switching capability. The pulsed mode can be driven either internally at selected repetition rates between 100 Hz to 200 MHz or externally, with rates ranging from single shot up to 200 MHz.

Each wavelength can achieve an average optical output power of typically 5 mW. In CW mode, higher average power (up to 50 mW) can be reached for each individual wavelength. Switching the CW emission between ON and OFF states has a rise/fall time of less than 3 ns.

While constant repetition rates can be set internally, burst excitation patterns can be triggered from a suitable trigger source (such as e.g., the oscillator module of PicoQuant’s Sepia PDL 828). Prima can be combined with other laser diode heads to create even more sophisticated excitation patterns, including not only bursts but also Pulse Interleaved Excitation (PIE) or Alternative Laser Excitation (ALEX), which makes Prima a versatile tool that can be used in many environments.


  • 3-Color Picosecond Laser (450, 510, 635 nm)
  • Compact, stand alone, affordable
  • Pulsed and CW operation, fast CW switching
  • Triggerable internally and externally, up to 200 MHz
  • Fully computer controlled

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