The European Photonics Industry Consortium is delighted to announce that the recipient of the EPIC CEO Award 2023 is Håkan Karlsson, the head of the Photonics division at HÜBNER Group and CEO of Cobolt. The award recognizes Karlsson’s outstanding leadership and contributions to the photonics industry.

With a PhD from KTH Stockholm, Karlsson has been a driving force in the field of compact single-frequency lasers for advanced analytical instrumentation. He co-founded Cobolt AB in 2000, as the first company to bring diode-pumped lasers using periodically poled nonlinear optical materials to the market. Under his leadership, Cobolt AB developed from a venture backed start-up to a fast-growing profitable laser manufacturer, recognized for its supply of reliable and very robust high performance lasers thanks to a unique manufacturing method.

After selling Cobolt AB to HÜBNER Group in 2015, Karlsson continued to lead the Photonics division, which now spans five sites worldwide and offers a range of technologies and products. These include single frequency lasers, laser combiners, ultrashort femtosecond lasers, and the unique and award-winning C-WAVE tunable single-frequency laser.

EPIC is honored to recognize Mr. Karlsson's contributions to the photonics industry with the CEO Award 2023. His leadership and vision have driven the growth of HÜBNER Photonics and helped establish it as a key supplier to manufacturers of analytical instrumentation and research labs in various application areas, including life science, spectroscopy, holography and quantum research.

"I am very honored to receive the EPIC CEO Award," said Håkan Karlsson. "This award is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the entire HÜBNER Photonics team. Together, we have built a company that is at the forefront of the photonics industry, and we will continue to supply our customers with unique products that push the boundaries of what is possible."

EPIC CEO Carlos Lee commented, "Håkan Karlsson is a role model for the photonics community, his strong background promises long leadership and inspiration for others. His achievements with Cobolt AB and HÜBNER Photonics demonstrate his exceptional management skills, business acumen, and technical expertise. We are thrilled to present him with the EPIC CEO Award 2023 and look forward to his continued contributions to our industry."