Auto series of flexible wavelength selector (FWS) features computer control of center wavelength, bandwidth and wavelength scanning via a USB link and GUI software. The FWS is a wavelength filtering device that combines the precision tunability and adjustable bandwidth of a traditional monochromator with the circular uniform aperture of a bandpass filter.



After four years of successful cooperation with AIST-NT, HORIBA Scientific, global leader in Raman spectroscopy for over 50 years, announced the acquisition of AIST-NT technology, provider of innovative integrated scanning probe systems. This technology will strengthen HORIBA’s leadership in NanoRaman by combining the most advanced SPM for optics with HORIBA’s cutting-edge Raman technology.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Adaptive optics

ALPAO reviewed its deformable mirrors, wavefront sensor and adaptive optics systems to fit applications from cost effective to state-of-the-art products. 5 new deformable mirrors (DM) feature large stroke, high dynamic motion and optical quality for fast and accurate wavefront corrections. 3 new deformable mirrors (DMX) feature large pitch while maintaining the standard technology features. The large pupil area fits high power laser applications. 7 new Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors (SH-WFS) are specifically designed for AO; sensitivity, speed and spectral range can be chosen depending on the application.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

CT detector module

X-ray imaging solutions specialist Detection Technology launches X-Tile, a tileable CT (computed tomography) detector module. The 4-sides buttable detector module scales up from 32-slice volumetric CT system up to 256-slices, enabling 160-millimeter coverage at isocenter, and beyond. Performance is enabled by a pixelated, ultra-fast ceramic scintillator coupled on a high-performance backside illuminated (BSI) photodiode. The scintillator is made of high-light-output, ultrafast and medical grade GOS (gadolinium oxysulfide) compound.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Compact spectrometers

A new series of compact smart spectrometers with integrated CCD linear array detectors from Spectrolight provide a turnkey solution to measuring the spectral behavior of light sources (e.g., LEDs), analytical samples and tunable filters from the UV through the NIR (200 nm – 1050 nm). This SP series of spectrometers features scientific grade resolution, sensitivity and speed in a miniaturized package as small as 44×70×90 mm. All models provide both adjustable slit and fiber coupled (SMA 905) input options and 2048 element detectors.


Anti-shock lenses

Fujinon's anti-shock & vibration design is based on a patented elastic fixation of the internal lens arrangement, which not only provides long-term protection against shocks and vibrations, but also works well with changes in humidity and temperature. The optical axis shifts only by 4 to a maximum of 10 microns, dependency on adhesives is minimized and a long-term stable performance and consistently good image quality is guaranteed. FRAMOS supports customers with their expertise from sensor to system in the integration of lenses and camera systems in applications and projects.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

1064 nm laser

Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc. (RIO) announced its first PLANEX laser emitting the classic YAG wavelength of 1064 nm, featuring narrow line width (15 kHz), low noise and high coherence length. RIO’s proprietary PLANEX technology is a combination of a gain chip and a planar light wave circuit (PLC) with an integrated Bragg grating. The combination of these components forms a cavity with up to 20 mW output power, low phase noise as well as very low wavelength sensitivity to bias current and temperature. RIO lasers are available at Laser Components in Germany and in the UK.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Optical mounts

Siskiyou Corporation has expanded their IXF series of monolithic flexure optical mounts to include larger models that can accommodate 3" (75 mm) and 4" (101 mm) diameter optics. These mounts utilize a unique configuration in which all parts (including the springs) are fabricated from a single piece of metal (steel and aluminum versions). This mechanism is specifically designed to securely retain high flatness components (e.g., optics with a flatness of λ/10 or better) without noticeably degrading their wavefront performance.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Laser optics catalog

With the latest edition of its laser optics catalog, Laser Components provides an overview of its extensive range of coating methods and designs as well as substrate materials and shapes. As Laser Components manufactures tailor-made laser optics according to customer requirements, the 88-page brochure features very few off-the-shelf products, but focusses on the scope of technological options. Out of these countless possible combinations, the company and its customer develop solutions for the desired laser mirrors, thin-film polarizers, Gaussian mirrors, and numerous other optics. The catalog is available to download, or can be ordered as a free printed version.

See also: Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Spectrum analyzer

The LabOne Spectrum Analyzer is a powerful tool to analyze measurement signals in the frequency domain, helping in the measurement of sidebands, in quantifying multiple signal components, or in characterizing various noise sources. You can zoom into sub-Hertz features even on signals in the hundreds of MHz.