Diodes laser compactes

Les diodes lasers HL63391DG et HL63392DG offrent une puissance de sortie élevée (200 mW en monomode transverse à 639 nm) dans un boîtier compact de 5,6 mm intégrant une photodiode de contrôle. Adaptées à un usage industriel, ces diodes laser conviennent à diverses applications optiques (capteur de position, télémétrie laser, application médicale etc.). La consommation électrique est réduite de 12 % par rapport à un produit équivalent Ushio classique.

Rotation stage

The directly driven low-profile rotation stages of the PIglide RL series are designed for the highest precision with low-profile design. Various options can be combined to create a solution for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning. The RL stages offer superior travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble performance.


Hexapode non magnétique

Symetrie a livré un hexapode non-magnétique pour permettre de réaliser des expériences sur des ions piégés au Laboratoire de Contrôle Quantique de l’Université de Sydney en Australie.


Handheld spectrometers

The PG100N allows light measurement with fully NIST-traceable performance. Through an integrated, high resolution color display, parameters such as LUX, CCT, chromaticity, CRI and SPD can be viewed instantaneously or monitored over time. The CMOS linear image sensor is effective from 380 nm in the UVA to 780 nm in the near-infrared. In addition to internal data logging, downloads via SD card, USB port or Wi-Fi mode allow data tracking and analysis with download capability in Excel and JPG formats.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Broadband light source

The Mighty Light Plus (ML+) from Spectrolight is a high power white light source for microscopy, white light interferometry, machine vision, and precision inspection applications. The ML+ outputs up to 7 watts from a 10 mm diameter, detachable, armored light guide. This provides high spatial uniformity suitable for both wide-field and focused spot illumination applications. The ML+ bulb temperature of 3400 K delivers output as short as 350 nm, while producing useful power above 2.5 µm.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

LED controllers

Driving a broad range of LED illumination, SMARTEK Vision’s HPSC4 LED current controller comes with a digital regulated buck and boost switching power supply with up to 120 W output. The four individually controllable input and output channels enable asynchronous operation and full control over light intensity, timing and synchronization, as well as over modulation of one of more lights for different lighting scenarios via a single controller. HPSC4 produces up to 40 A pulses at a maximum of 48 V on the output. The input-to-output delay of down to 2 µs allows pulses with a resolution of up to 1 µs/ 1 mA and durations from 1 µs to 60 s.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Low scatter mirrors

Edmund Optics introduces TECHSPEC low scatter off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors. Providing a surface figure of λ/8 RMS and a surface roughness of less than 50 Å RMS, these precision mirrors are designed for low scatter in the visible spectrum. They precisely direct and focus incident collimated light at a specific angle, resulting in minimal scatter loss. Designed using a proprietary process that decreases scatter in the UV and visible region, each low scatter off-axis parabolic mirror undergoes a visual inspection with a HeNe laser to ensure low scatter.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.

Optical spectrum analyser

Yokogawa Test & Measurement, the market leader of premium optical spectrum analysers (OSAs) designed to provide precision “no compromise” testing performance for R&D activities, has for the first time released a cost-effective instrument optimised for testing telecom devices during and after production.


Acousto-optic modulator

Gooch and Housego presents the 397 nm Fiber-Q, a fiber coupled acousto-optic device. Specific TeO2 crystal is grown in-house and is associated to a pure silica core fiber; as a result this system which is operating at 200 MHz, can accept power levels of up to 100 mW. The device could be installed into the forthcoming generation of quantum computers such as NQIT’s Q20:20 Quantum Computer Demonstrator.

From Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.


Auto series of flexible wavelength selector (FWS) features computer control of center wavelength, bandwidth and wavelength scanning via a USB link and GUI software. The FWS is a wavelength filtering device that combines the precision tunability and adjustable bandwidth of a traditional monochromator with the circular uniform aperture of a bandpass filter.