À lire dans Photoniques : Technologies de l’optique adaptative et dispositifs

Photoniques n°92, juillet-août 2018, est paru : retrouvez notre dossier sur les technologies de l’optique adaptative.


À lire dans Photoniques : technologies quantiques et dispositifs

Photoniques n°91, mai-juin 2018, est paru : retrouvez notre dossier sur les technologies quantiques.


Marketing for the photonics industry

You create a start-up, diversify the business of your SME, expand your product range; every new activity, every new business, starts with a concept. You, your partners, your team, have an idea for a product. Your dream product will be better and cheaper or it might not even exist yet, but it will meet market requirements. You are going to make this concept a reality.


Buyer’s guide. Terahertz (THz) cameras

Many academic research laboratories use terahertz cameras to characterise sources, align optical tables, study physical phenomena, etc. At the same time, more and more applied research teams, in R&D institutes and companies, use these cameras to investigate the applications of terahertz imaging in varied domains such as security, non-destructive testing, or environment and health issues. In response to these needs, mature uncooled terahertz cameras are now being commercialized.


Photonic devices and applications

Articles published in Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.


Special EOS Issue 2018: Photonics in Europe

Innovation, the heart of the reactor

Europe has a long-lasting tradition of technological competitiveness. As such, it lives from its knowledge and know-how. Innovation in photonics is one of the drivers of this competitiveness, producing knowledge and science, and transforming them into devices and applied systems.

But knowledge and know-how may not be enough: we must also make-knowing.