M2 measurement system « CAM SQUARED »

M2 measurement system « CAM SQUARED »

M2 measurement system “CAM SQUARED”, the latest product from Imagine Optic, offers precise and reliable analysis of laser beam quality with new records in M squared calculation speed and simplicity over other systems.

The standard ISO 11146 requires intensity distribution in at least 10 observation planes from which is computed the M squared factor. They are usually acquired using a camera moved along the optical axis. Imagine Optic proposes an innovative approach allowing the acquisition of the complete dataset needed in only one shot.

Best for: Easy & Quick laser quality testing
+No need for translation stages
+ No need for alignment
+ No need for focusing optics that can compromise real M2 value

CAM SQUARED performs multiple measurements: br> + M2
+ Divergence
+ Focus diameter
+ Waist position
+ Rayleigh length
+ Thermal effects
+ Astigmatism
+ Follow the reconstruction of the M2 factor from at least 10 observation planes as recommended in the Standard ISO10116.

Software dedicated for M2 measurement
The Application M2 corresponds to an optimized display of laser quality metrics. It provides an instant visualization of the M² factor and of the intensity map at any observation plane. One can access these values in only one shot.

Full wavefront reconstruction for alignment, collimation and optimization based on full knowledge of the phase.

Accessories for M2 measurement system CAM SQUARED
Several mounting options are available:
+ Adaptors for the most common mechanical stages
+ Magnetically coupled top and bottom plates, allowing to mount, remove, and replace CAM SQUARED with a high repeatability.

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