150 W Laser for Large OLED Display Glass Cutting

150 W Laser for Large OLED Display Glass Cutting

Coherent Corp. introduced a new Monaco infrared industrial femtosecond laser configuration with 150 W of output power that is ideal for cutting of large OLED display glass.

The migration of OLED screens to IT devices, such as tablets and laptops, is accelerating the demand for laser tools with higher output power that can process larger glass sheets than those currently used in smartphones. The new Monaco 1035-150-150 outputs more than double the power and pulse energy of existing configurations, enabling high-precision cutting of large glass panels in very high volumes to produce large OLED screens with perfect assembly fit in next-generation IT devices.

The Monaco 1035-150-150 can deliver energy pulses of 150 µJ at rate of 1 MHz with a pulse width of less than 400 fs. It includes all the standard functionality of the Monaco platform, including pulse on demand, variable pulse width tuning, variable repetition rate, and seeder burst mode. The laser is ideal for cutting OLED display glass, sapphire, and complex-coated brittle materials with thicknesses of up to 2 mm.

Coherent offers a broad portfolio of lasers for state-of-the-art OLED display manufacturing, including backplane laser annealing, cutting and drilling notches and holes for sensors, and detaching flexible or foldable displays from their rigid carriers.