Fiber laser for 1762 nm Ba ion excitation

Fiber laser for 1762 nm Ba ion excitation

Barium ions are ideal for quantum computing. It is easy to manipulate the electrons in barium ions with laser beams to use them as qubits.

NKT Photonics launches a brand-new fiber laser for barium ion excitation at 1762.17 nm, the Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20. This new fiber laser is designed specifically with the 6S to 5D transition in barium in mind. Use it for qubit manipulation, quantum sensing, sympathetic cooling, etc. The laser offers robust single-frequency operation, a narrow linewidth of 10 kHz, and a high power of 500 mW at 1762.17 nm.

The Koheras ADJUSTIK is a rack-mountable benchtop single-frequency DFB fiber laser platform. Based on the BASIK DFB fiber lasers, the ADJUSTIK HP T20 is an all-fiber, low-noise, single-mode, mode hop-free laser with free-running sub-kHz linewidth.

The Koheras fiber lasers are inherently stable. They are reliable, alignment-free, and maintenance-free. Koheras lasers are also used in a wide range of quantum applications, such as inertial and gravity sensing, single photon generation, atomic trapping and cooling.

The built-in fiber delivery solution preserves the low-noise laser properties and delivers single-mode light at all wavelengths.

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