>70 W Green Pulsed Laser for Micromachining

>70 W Green Pulsed Laser for Micromachining

MKS Instruments, introduces its Spectra-Physics® Talon® 532-70 laser, a high-power green addition to its Talon family of nanosecond pulsed diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers. The new laser delivers over 70 W of green power and operates at high repetition rates up to 700 kHz with sustained high power and low noise. The Talon 532-70 laser enables high-throughput processing of photovoltaics and advanced electronics materials, including system-in-package or SiP and PCBs for e-mobility and other demanding applications.

“The Talon 532-70 laser enables new applications and major advances in micromachining throughput, process and materials capability, and reducing manufacturing cost per part.”

The Talon 532-70 laser outputs over 70 W green at 250 kHz repetition rate and delivers high power, high pulse-to-pulse stability, and excellent beam quality at high repetition rates up to 700 kHz.

The new laser adds to the Talon series of green and UV nanosecond lasers. All 12 Talon laser models have identical optical, electrical, and software interfaces and common boresighting, allowing system integrators to flexibly and rapidly configure machine tools for specific applications and end user requirements. Talon laser’s It’s in the Box™ design combines power supply and laser head into a single, common rugged package for simple integration and straightforward switching between models.

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