Ultrafast NIR light source for three-photon imaging

Ultrafast NIR light source for three-photon imaging

Monaco 1300 is a dedicated ultrafast 1300 nm light source for three-photon (3P) imaging, specifically developed to offer a simplified and reliable, all-in-one 3P excitation source. Delivering 1.5 to 2.5 W, sub-50 fs pulses at 1300 nm in the MHz regime, Monaco 1300 is optimized for excitation of imaging and functional probes like the GFP and GCaMP families. The Total Power Control (TPC) and dispersion precompensation options combined in a single box afford ease of integration, eliminating the need for complex set-ups. Access to the 1035 nm Monaco output also enables advanced two-photon photostimulation and imaging applications all from a single excitation source.


  • 1.5 W to 2.5 W average power
  • <50 fs pulse width
  • 1, 2, or 4 MHz repetition rate versions
  • Optional built-in fast Total Power Control (TPC) for on-the-fly power attenuation and optical gating
  • Optional Compact Pulse Compressor (CPC) allowing dispersion precompensation for optimum pulse width at the sample
  • Switchable Monaco 1035 nm output access for two-photon photostimulation and imaging
  • Integrated one-box design for ease of use and simplified application integration
  • Water-cooled for long-term stability
  • HALT-designed and HASS-verified for the highest quality and reliability


  • Three-Photon Imaging
  • Multiphoton Imaging
  • Two-Photon Imaging
  • Optogenetics
  • Photostimulation
  • Photostimulation

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