First AWG with real-time precompensation

Zurich Instruments introduces real-time precompensation technology for the HDAWG arbitrary waveform generator. By inverse filtering, precompensation minimizes effects of imperfections in the wiring and ensures that the signal applied to the device under test equals the signal designed on the HDAWG. Multiple filter types are available to correct for AC coupling, spurious inductances and capacitances, impedance mismatches, amplifier ringing, and others. This makes the HDAWG the only AWG on the market with real-time precompensation.


With the HDAWG-PC Real-time Precompensation option, each channel of the HDAWG is equipped with a chain of digital filters between the waveform generation unit and the digital-to-analog converter. Each filter can be individually enabled and configured in situ while monitoring the effect on the signal at the device under test, e.g. as displayed on an oscilloscope. The LabOne Precompensation Simulator allows the user to match the measured signal with the simulated effect of the inverse filter and thus helps finding the right filter parameters quickly. Once this is done, the user can proceed to work in the LabOne AWG Sequencer and rely on the visualized waveform data. Real-time precompensation considers the full history of the signal over long time scales without consuming waveform memory and is compatible with dynamic sequencing where the pattern is only known at the time of the experiment.


The main application for the 4 and 8 channel HDAWG with the precompensation option are quantum computing application with flux bias pulses for superconducting qubits or gate voltage pulses for spin qubits. Other applications are EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) or NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance).

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