Scintil Photonics raises €13.5M in second round financing led by Robert Bosch Venture Capital

Scintil Photonics raises €13.5M in second round financing led by Robert Bosch Venture Capital

Scintil Photonics, a supplier of advanced silicon photonic integrated circuits with monolithically integrated lasers and optical amplifiers, today announces it has secured €13.5M ($14.4M) in second round funding. Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) led the round, with historic shareholders Innovacom, Supernova Invest and Bpifrance, through its Digital Venture fund, reinvesting to bring the company’s total funding to €17.5M ($18.8M), to date.

Scintil Photonics’ optical communications aim to significantly enhance traditional high-speed system and chip interconnections. The company’s Augmented Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit (IC) product is a single-chip solution consisting of active and passive components, all made entirely from standard silicon photonics processes available at CMOS commercial foundries, and where III-V optical amplifiers and lasers are integrated on the backside of advanced silicon photonic circuits. This unique all-in-one integration of amplifiers and lasers enables ultrahigh-speed communications, due to extensive parallelization and higher bit rates, e.g., from 800 G to 3,200 Gbit/sec with very compact chips.

Scintil Photonics will use the funds to take its industrialization program to the next level and speed up the global commercialization of its products that boost communications in data centers, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and 5G networks. Scintil Photonics’ products are unique in providing optical communication applications with higher bit rates, and scalable, cost-effective and mass-producible PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits) solutions. This enables the multi-billion USD electronics industry to overcome the end of Moore’s Law with the integration of very high-speed optical communications.

“Scintil Photonics’ monolithic integration of III-V Lasers into silicon photonic chips is a key enabler for next-generation telecom, datacom and sensing,” says Ingo Ramesohl, managing director at RBVC. “The CMOS-compatible process allows for higher design freedom, lower losses and a smaller footprint at low cost. We are excited to partner with Scintil Photonics as it uniquely unlocks further miniaturization and integration of Photonic Integrated Circuits.”

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