PULSATE: The new PAN-European Network designed to boost the adoption of laser-based advanced and additive manufacturing technology to empower SMEs digital competences

PULSATE is a new PAN-European Network that aims to connect many digital innovation hubs in Europe with expertise in laser-based manufacturing technologies In order to reach all those SMEs who want to fit in an Industry 4.0 environment and enter the world of laser-based technologies.

Digitization will radically change and challenge many industries, particularly the EU-based manufacturing industries, where Laser-Based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) play a key role, providing maximal benefits for flexible manufacturing or highly digitalized environments. PULSATE will particularly focus on sectors with a high impact potential such as medical devices, electronics, automotive, aeronautics, energy and industrial equipment.

PULSATE emerges as an initiative to promote a PAN-European Network designed to boost the adoption of LBAAM manufacturing technologies through the uptake of advanced digital tools, reaching the European SMEs and slightly bigger companies by means of a Digital, proving fully digitised services and thus, enabling new business models based on LBAAM technologies (manufacturing capacity renting, machine as a service, etc.).

PULSATE will connect Digital Innovation Hubs (DHIs), top class Competence Centres, Public Institutions, Standardization Organizations, Financing and Business Development entities through a Single-Entry Point and is built on a solid methodology for operational and financial support to European SMEs, and a vision and mechanism for long term sustainability. This will connect all resources required and provide long- lasting access to LBAAM technologies for SMEs across Europe to assimilate these technologies.