Compact spectrometers

A new series of compact smart spectrometers with integrated CCD linear array detectors from Spectrolight provide a turnkey solution to measuring the spectral behavior of light sources (e.g., LEDs), analytical samples and tunable filters from the UV through the NIR (200 nm – 1050 nm). This SP series of spectrometers features scientific grade resolution, sensitivity and speed in a miniaturized package as small as 44×70×90 mm. All models provide both adjustable slit and fiber coupled (SMA 905) input options and 2048 element detectors. This delivers optical resolution from 0.3 nm to 7 nm (FWHM) at sampling speeds up to 1 kHz. They employ a Windows-based operating system and offer software development kits in Visual C++, Visual Basic and LabVIEW.

Three different models are currently offered, each based on different detector platforms. The entry level SP245 is the smallest and most economical of the series, and features a Sony CCD with enhanced UV coating. The SP642 utilizes a backthinned Hamamatsu CCD with low dark noise. The flagship SP303 is based on a TE-cooled Hamamatsu CCD with extremely low dark noise (<2 rms counts at 35 ms). Its large full well depth delivers the highest signal-to-noise in the SP series.

Applications for these SP series spectrometers range from laboratory research, such as photochemistry and analytical spectroscopy, to pharmaceutical applications, food and beverage testing, process monitoring and characterization of LEDs and other light sources. They are ideal for use in conjunction with Spectrolight’s modular light sources and flexible wavelength selectors – unique tunable wavelength filtering devices that feature a large circular imaging aperture.

See also: Photoniques special EOS issue, march-april 2018.